Summary News on covid-19 on April 25th

Summary News on Covid-19 on April 25th (Updates)

All pieces of news translated from local websites with potential erroneous translation or misinformation, but it can always provide an overviewew of what’s happening around us. Pardon me if there’s any error, and please point them out if there’s any.

Now let’s read the news brief list. Translated from Tatoli, Tempotimor and posts from Antonio Sampaio.

Summary of News on April 25th

1. After the Timorese government changes the way of calculating the coronavirus cases, it clarifies relevant statistics (By Antonio Sampaio)

The Timorese government today announces that there’re still 22 confirmed coronavirus cases in Timor-Leste, while this figure reckoned as 6 includes 4 suspected cases. Odete with the Crisis Management Center clarifies above information with LUSA.

Odete says that they had changed the way of counting coronavirus cases, and started to count in suspected cases as well. The suspected cases are 4 that were reckoned as confirmed cases before. Odete says again that they had decided to stop using suspected cases and started to consider the suspected as confirmed.

Thus, the 6 recovered cases in fact contain 2 confirmed cases and 4 suspected cases. They conducted 2 consecutive tests to the 6 cases and the results were all negative.

Odete declares that until today, the government has already conducted 409 tests, with 367 negatives and 24 positives concluded. Amongst the 22 confirmed cases, there’s 1 nurse, and there’re 23 healthcare professional in quarantine places. And 1680 have already passed the incubation period.

2. Good news: the death case of Covid-19 is zero in Timor-Leste and 5 recovered going back homes today (Tempotimor)

Sergio, working with the Crisis Management Center today says “it is historic today because some have completed quarantine. These come from 3 cities – Dili, Manufahi and Viqueque”.

Sergio also conveys thanks to these recovered for their cooperation with Timorese government.

These 5 cases used to enter into Timor-Leste at the beginning of April of 2020 and then got taken to quarantine and tested as positive.

3. The confirmed covid-19 cases drop down to 22(Tempotimor)


From April 10th, 2020, the confirmed cases of coronavirus within Timor-Leste began to rise. And the number has risen to 28 until April 24th.

But Odete who works with the Crisis Management Center, declares that the total number of confirmed covid-19 cases has dropped down to 22, because 6 have recovered.

Odete says, “ Amongst the 6 recovered, there’re 5 Timorese and 1 foreigner cured already on April 10th”.
Amongst the 22 confirmed cases, there’re 19 students, 1 nurse, and 2 Portuguese teachers. Odete says, “the total quarantined is 422, and the tested amongst 422 is 409, 21 remaining to wait for the results. 22 confirmed cases. There’re 367 tested as negative and 0 death toll. There’re also 1680 passed 14-day quarantine”.

4. The 5 recovered today come from 3 different hotels, with 2 in Katuas Hotel, 2 in Fortuna Hotel, and 1 in Novo Horizonte Hotel.

5. The confirmed coronavirus cases in Timor-Leste are still 24, with 5 more recovered(Tatoli)

Odete with the Crisis Management Center says that the accumulative confirmed cases of covid-19 are still 24, including 5 recovered. These 5 cases contain 4 suspected and 1 confirmed.

Odete also says that the total number of cured is 6, with 5 cured yesterday and 1 which is the first confirmed coronavirus in Timor-Leste. The death toll is 0.

There’re obligatory quarantined cases with 422, 72 of which are from other cities, 289 from Dili, and 61 self-quarantined. The 49 out of 61 self-quarantined are from other cities, with 12 in Dili.

Among the 1680 that have already passed 14-day quarantine, 340 are in other cities and 1340 are in Dili.

6. Odete also announces that among the 5 recovered today, with 2 from Katuas Hotel, 2 from Fortuna Hotel, and 1 from Novo Horizonte Hotel.(Tatoli)

7. The positive male nurse used to contact 29 persons (Tatoli)

The nurse is a male, used to contact with 29 persons, including his family.

Odete with Crisis Management Center announces, “I’d like to briefly explain about the infected nurse. He used to join with others in curing the patients. The total number he contacted with is 29, including his family and other health workers”. These contacted persons will also enter quarantine rooms.

8. 5 Timorese exit from quarantine rooms (Tatoli)

Sergio with Crisis Management Center announced that 1 of the 5 recovered was confirmed as positive covid-19 case and other 4 cases belong to suspected cases. “They can go home because they’ve been tested twice as negative”, says Sergio.

Sergio also says, “They’ve got immune capabilities, thus they can fight against the virus”.



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